What is the Wiper Malware and the Dangers Behind It


Wiper Malware and the Dangers Behind It

For the past couple of years, ransomware attacks originating in Russia have been hitting the globe, threatening business owners.

In a recent development, a new malware called Hermetic Wiper Malware has been discovered in Ukraine as the war develops between Ukraine and Russia.

This new malware is being claimed to be designed for destabilizing the cyber infrastructure in Ukraine. In this article, you will learn all about this malware and find out whether or not you should be concerned about it.

What is Hermetic Wiper Malware?

Wiper malware is malware that aims to erase, remove, or overwrite the data present on a hard disk of a computer system. This malware isn’t new and has existed for a while.

Reports suggest that one form of the Wiper malware, called ‘HermeticWiper or KillDisk.NCV has been targeting organizations in Ukraine for the last three months.

This Wiper malware works by exploiting drivers of the EaseUS Partition Master application, designed to create and manage partitions in Windows.

How Hermetic Wiper Malware Works?

Hermetic Malware works like a trojan wiper malware infection. Through the EaseUS Partition Master, Hermetic Wiper is able to corrupt the data of the target computer. Once the data is corrupted, this malware restarts that machine.

Every hard disk has a Master Boot Record (MBR) that identifies information about the location of the operating system. This information is important for the computer to start (boot up).

The Hermetic Malware corrupts the first 512 bytes of this Master Boot Record. This can render the entire hard disk useless.

Hermetic Wiper Malware’s Targets

For now, the report of Hermetic Malware’s infections is coming from Ukraine, so organizations situated in Ukraine are the major target.

This malware attack is coupled with the massive wave of DDoS attacks faced by the country’s government organizations. These DDoS attacks stopped the functioning of the online portal of government offices of Ukraine, as well as major banking websites of the country.

How to Be Safe From Hermetic Wiper Malware?

Hermetic Wiper isn’t targeting anyone outside of Ukraine right now. However, there is no surety that the situation will remain the same.

Since the attacks have already surfaced, it is a good probability that the businesses in the US might be next. Even if there is no cause of worry from Hermetic Wiper malware, there are many other wiper malware attacks to be cautious about.

The best way to prevent these attacks is to set up your security with the latest intrusion-prevention system provided by Tekkis.

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New Threat Emerges- Hermetic Wiper Malware

In a recent development, organizations in Ukraine are being targeted by a dangerous cyber infection called Hermetic Wiper Malware.

Once inside the system, this malware can erase all data of a hard drive and render it useless.

Read more about this malware and find out how to protect your system against it:

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