About Us

"Managed Services is a cost-effective solution to maximize your office performance and efficiency."

Our Promise

TEKKIS has been providing professional 'IT' services since 2007. With years of industry experience, we maximize our clients’ business efficiency by leveraging information technology to help meet or exceed your business goals.

As your trusted technology partner and service resource, our most important goal at TEKKIS is your success. Our promise to you is our commitment to the growth and profitability of your organization by freeing you from costly labor and technology infrastructure investments, and allowing your most skilled employees to focus on revenue-producing projects.

Our Mission

Today's business technology landscape is more complex and challenging than ever. You need to keep your daily operations running smoothly and your records compliant with strict laws and regulations.

Our first commitment is to ensure that your office operates with the greatest possible efficiency, the most economical cost and the best possible service. Where we excel is our dedication to the safety and security of your networks.

Let TEKKIS assist you with HIPAA, SOX and PCI security, in addition to a wide range of strategic and tactical security services to keep your business safe and secure.

Team Leaders

"There is a way out of every box, a solution to every puzzle; it's just a matter of finding it." — Captain Jean-Luc Picard

Matt Rosentrater


Capitain of this crew

Jennifer Willis


Logistics officer

Derek Courter


Sr Support Lead

Janine Melnitz


Team Leader

What Our Customers Are Saying

"The Background Screening Industry brings an inherent need for reliable and secure systems. Matt has been there every step of the way to provide cybersecurity education, systems evaluations, and solutions to increase our security. We at NationSearch are extremely impressed with and grateful for Matt. We are continually delighted with our decision to partner with and recommend him. His professionalism, expertise, capabilities and ethics are without question."


Tekkis is ALWAYS super speedy in responding back to me when I need their services. I know I can count on them!

- DE LA PAZ DENTAL - Michelle

Matt at Tekkis is simply the best!

- BELENSKI DENTAL - Dr. Belenski

"I wouldn’t use another company if you paid my bill for me.... TEKKIS is amazing. They do a great job. I’m picky, know lots about IT and after interviewing about 7 companies.... Tekkis wins hands down!

- ASPEN DENTAL - Stephanie

"We are so thankful for Matt Rosentrater with Tekkis Corp (IT).

We don’t get to see Matt very often because he keeps our computers up and running behind the scenes. Actually, I think this is the second time I’ve ever seen him since our initial on-board three years ago.

Thanks, Matt, for making IT the easiest thing in my office! Give him a call if you’re looking for local, quick, reasonable, reliable IT.