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Digital Forensic Services

Use previously hidden data to your advantage in legal cases. Tekkis’ expert digital forensics examines every bit and byte of digital evidence.


Uncover Facts Before Making Your Case

Many facts remain suppressed or hidden in the abundant data of every legal case.
Tekkis processes and examines the data sequentially to reveal facts you might have missed.

Digital Forensics - A Lawyer’s Best Friend

Legal teams use Tekkis’ digital forensics services to examine data in evidence and win cases.
Some of the things that Tekkis can do for you are:

Discover Hidden Data

Criminals can often hide data and files that may implicate them.
Find out every bit of hidden data. Tekkis even recovers data that has been deleted.

Reveal Data Tampering

Find out if any of the data in evidence has been previously tampered with.
Tekkis seals the digital evidence to ensure that no further tampering takes place.

Complex Data Easily Presented

Digital forensics expert knows how to represent complex data in a simple manner.
This helps non-cyber professionals to understand the summary of the analysis.
Legal teams can then present the findings to the jury.

Many Services Under One Umbrella

Digital Forensics services by Tekkis allow legal teams to choose the level of services they require. We cover many digital forensics services to ensure nothing is left out.

Computer Forensics

Computer forensics covers all the activities done on desktops and laptops. Our digital forensics can examine all the storage devices and user accounts of such devices.

Network Forensics

Find out the network footprint of a criminal. Investigate the websites they visited, the time of the visit, and the amount spent on the website. Recover network activity that appears to be deleted.

Cell Phone Forensics

Recover and analyze all the traces of criminal activity on a smartphone. This feature extends to devices such as GPS monitors and tablets.

Data Forensics

Analyze stored and deleted data on disks or devices. Recovers information regarding sensitive activities like digital transactions.


Tekkis - Leading Digital Forensics Services

Tekkis is the first preference of legal teams in the US for digital forensics services. Tekkis has many advantages over other alternatives when it comes to digital forensics.

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