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Virtual Ciso Service

Virtual CISO Service

Get all the expertise of a CISO without hiring one for your team


What is a Virtual CISO

Virtual CISO (vCISO) assesses the current IT infrastructure of your organization and provides solutions for short-term and long-term problems. vCISO’s role is to ensure your organization is safe from all potential cyber risks. Additionally, they smoothen the network workflow for the entire company.

Why Go Virtual?

A virtual CISO is an experienced and skilled professional that caters to the cybersecurity measures of an organization on-demand and remotely. They work as a part of the organization’s management team to provide the best measures for ensuring cybersecurity. They understand the systems and technology deployed by the organizations and develop strategies for protecting them from cyberattacks. By hiring an expert virtual CISO, organizations can enhance their cybersecurity programs and stay compliant with the applicable guidelines.

Advantages of Virtual CISO

  • Industry Expertise - The virtual CISO is someone who has industry exposure and knowledge to develop efficient cybersecurity programs for the organization.
  • Cost-Effectiveness - Get the expertise of cybersecurity expertise at a lower cost.
  • Customization - They will deploy cybersecurity plans as per the risk tolerance and compliance requirements of the specific industry.

Tekkis’ vCISO Services

Tekkis provides the best vCISO services in the industry. The experts at Tekkis are executives with decades of experience being CISOs for top organizations. Tekkis’ vCISO provides all-inclusive support in multiple areas. Here is how it works:



Your vCISO will examine your organization and your operating sector. IT infrastructure of all organizations is different. Unique solutions provide a better workflow than standard products. Therefore, the assessment step ensures you get what you need, not whatever is available.



Once the assessment is complete, your vCISO will design blueprints for deployable solutions. Proper planning ensures that your IT solutions are implemented correctly instead of haphazardly. This eliminates potential issues and bottlenecks in the future. vCISO can incorporate any feedback you have into the planning phase.



vCISO then implements the final blueprints into IT solutions. The solutions provide better security and a smoother workflow. Features like access controls, segmentation, and data backup and recovery can be added if required.

The Tekkis Advantage

Tekkis’ vCISO services are the best in the sector. Top organizations in sectors like healthcare, education, and insurance are already using a Tekkis vCISO. Some advantages of working with Tekkis are:

Real Expert Opinion

Tekkis provides you with an expert vCISO with experience in the field. On the other hand, alternative vCISO firms provide you with automated solutions that try to fix issues based on AI. These alternative solutions often fail quickly due to a lack of expert intervention.

Tailored Solutions

The vCISO solutions implemented by Tekkis are tailored to your particular requirements. You do not pay for any services you do not need. Alternative vCISO firms provide you with off-the-rack solutions that may or may not suit your particular requirements.

Feedback Loop

Tekkis takes feedback from the organization’s executives about the goals and vCISO designs its plans around these objectives. This is a major factor that separates Tekkis from the rest of the vCISO services.

US-based Team

Tekkis is entirely a US-based operation. As such, we understand the compliances that are important in the US. We know how businesses in the US function and the threats they face.

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