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Forensic Testimony

Get certified professionals with proven expertise to provide testimony in your legal proceeding.

Forensic Expert Testimony

Strengthen Your Case With Expert Opinion

You can leave no stone unturned in legal cases. A testimony by a cyber forensics expert can be the gamechanger for your team.

Analyze Data

Before making any points, the expert witness will analyze the data and interpret the important takeaways that it provides. These findings are compiled in a detailed report.

Analyze Data
Present Findings

Present Findings

After a complete analysis, the forensic expert can provide the findings to the court and the jury. The technical aspects of the analysis are explained in an understandable manner.

Add Credibility

The testimony by an expert in the field adds credibility to the point you are trying to make. With over 16 years of experience, Tekkis is the perfect authority figure for this.

Cross Examination

Withstand Cross Examination

A good forensics expert is able to answer any question thrown at them during the cross-examination.

Fact-based Reporting

All the analysis and claims made by the cyber forensics expert is based on facts. There are no disparities in their testimony and answers to the cross-questions.

Fact Reporting

Why Legal Teams Use Tekkis Expert Witnesses?

The digital forensics experts at Tekkis are the preferred choice for legal firms across the US. There are many benefits that you get working with Tekkis.

  • Data Preservation

    Before making any analysis, Tekkis starts by preserving the data. This ensures that no part of the electronic evidence is compromised during transfer or analysis.
  • Transparency

    Tekkis communicates all of the findings with your team transparently. There is no bias or withholding of information.
  • Chain of Custody

    Tekkis understands the importance of maintaining Chain of Custody in legal cases. All the data that goes through Tekkis is properly documented with every detail.
  • Certified Experts

    Digital forensics is a very technical niche. The experts at Tekkis have the necessary certifications required for the job. During the expert testimony, the Tekkis team can provide their credentials under oath.
  • US-based Consultancy

    The Tekkis team is a registered firm entirely based in the US. It understands the regulations, legal processes, and the flow of legal cases.

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