AUG 18

Increasing cyber threats

As a function, corporate information security is the “new kid on the block,” and its stirring up new concerns, new questions and new ways of looking at business risk.
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Aug 19

Healthcare Security: A Strong Need for a Stronger Hand

According to Grandview Research, the healthcare security market in 2014 is valued at $5.5 billion. That industry investment is predicted to increase at a 9 percent compound annual growth rate through 2022. The reason for this rise is an increased threat of cyber attack, including malware, distributed denial of…
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Aug 29

Ransomware: A New and Evolving Threat to Business and Healthcare

New information about the advancements is ransomware are raising the security stakes for business and healthcare. The proliferation of devices over the “Internet of Things” (IoT) and the lucrative nature of corporate and healthcare data have encouraged an old dog to learn some nifty – and dangerous – new tricks.
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Aug 31

Honeypots: Setting the Trap for Unscrupulous Hackers

“Everything is honey I can’t get enough Of lots and lots of pots and pots Of sticky, licky, stuff” -Winnie the Pooh (song lyric) Winnie the Pooh is a seemingly naïve fictional teddy bear, but it becomes apparent that he is actually thoughtful, clever and creative. His simplicity is…
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