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Why Tekkis for Virtual CISO Services?

There is a need to bring leadership insights to address the organizational challenges. In addition to securing business data, your client's sensitive information also needs the same level of constant security. Virtual CISO, which stands for Chief Information Security Officer, commits to providing executive-level leadership to reinforce your security architecture.

Tekkis Virtual CISO’s are trained experts who bridge the gap and help overcome key cybersecurity challenges, including the evolving threat landscape, insider threats, cyber security budget, regulatory compliance, and more.

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What's Included in CISO Services?

Tekkis vCISO services:

  • Cyber risk assessments to shield data from digital predators
  • Information security policy development to mitigate potential threats
  • Compliance assessments
  • Evaluate adherence to regulatory standards
  • Assessing Vulnerability severity and recommending mitigation strategies
  • Designing security infrastructure barricades against intrusions
  • Test security architecture and stress-testing digital fortresses
  • CISO reports guiding future defenses to better prepare for cyber threats

Critical Responsibilities of Tekkis CISO Teams

The vCISO is responsible for creating detailed security programs. Our vCISO experts work closely with your organization to learn about the loopholes and determine the areas for improvement. We keep small to large businesses informed about their organization's levels.

Tekkis is a reliable vCISO service provider dedicated to understanding your business's challenges and delivering a full spectrum of vCISO services. With cybersecurity and industry experience, virtual CISO at Tekkis reduces the in-house cost and liability. By employing the services of our highly professional chief information security officer, we ensure end-to-end cyber security management.

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Tekkis vCISOs are experts in the following:

  • Implementing & Overseeing A Cybersecurity Program
  • Aligning Cybersecurity & Business Objectives
  • Reporting on Cybersecurity
  • Monitoring Incident Response Activities
  • Managing Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery
  • Promoting A Culture of Strong Information Security
  • Managing Vendor Relationships
  • Utilizing Cybersecurity Budgets Effectively
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Reasons Why Your Business Needs to Hire vCISO


Complex Threat Environment


Lack of Policies and Procedures


Governance, Risk, and Compliance


A Lack of Information Security Experts


Cybersecurity Management Leadership

Get access to executive expertise and upgrade your defenses with Tekkis.

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