Top Cybersecurity Priorities in 2023


Cybersecurity Priorities

While people are enjoying the new year, executives are already up to their necks making plans for how to deal with the new upcoming challenges that will unfold. This is especially true for CISOs as they are trying to cope with the troubled landscape of increasing cyberattacks.

Cyberattacks are evolving and the number of attackers is increasing. Therefore, people of any industry who are responsible for maintaining the company's security should be aware of what is the latest in the sector and how to keep their defenses up to date.

Here are some of the things to remember in this regard:

Priority #1: Getting a Cybersecurity Vendor

Unless you are a large-scale corporation that can afford an in-house cybersecurity team, you need a cybersecurity agency to handle your needs. Tekkis is the best bet in this regard, with so many perks centered on our users.

Benefits of Working With Tekkis

There are many reasons why working with Tekkis will end up being quite beneficial for you in 2023. These benefits are:

Tailored Products:

Most cybersecurity agencies stick you up with standard security products that everyone else in the business uses. These products have been breached before, and more often than not they lack many features that you might require. In almost all cases, you are paying for extra covers that your business won’t really need.

Tekkis, on the other hand, analyzes your business requirements and creates a custom solution just for you. This gives you a better value for your cybersecurity spending along with more than adequate protection.

US-Based Company:

Tekkis is not an overseas organization that you will have to go through hoops just to get in touch with. Being an American business, Tekkis follows all the necessary protocols and is knowledgeable about the compliances that your business should meet.

Free Demo:

If you are unaware of how managed cybersecurity works or wonder what we can do for you, Tekkis offers a no-obligation no cost demo. In the demo, our top analyst gets in touch with you through an online video consultation and analyzes your current cybersecurity status and the requirements of your particular business.

Online Dashboard:

Tekkis’s security reports don’t come through you in vulnerable emails or paper format. You can access the reports at any time through a secure online dashboard with your login credentials. The reports come with a detailed analysis of the current loopholes in your defenses and recommendations that you must follow to make your systems secure.

Priority #2: Staying Updated on Trends

Staying updated is important when you don’t have a professional cybersecurity agency such as Tekkis watching your back. Staying updated ensures that you have some idea of what is going on in the cybersecurity world and the types of attacks that are happening.

One way to be updated on these happenings is to manually check on the news and events, such as which business was recently attacked or suffered ransomware losses.

Another way, and the better method, is to Join the Tekkis newsletter which keeps you automatically updated on the latest happenings of the sector and the things you should do asap. With these newsletters, Tekkis often provides free webinars with useful information on how to protect your company against threat.

Priority #3: Staff Training

It is not surprising that a significant portion of attacks occur because the staff is unaware of the healthy cybersecurity practices to follow. Even a minor thing, such as clicking a wrong link, can lead to something malicious such as losing your credentials. This further escalates into attacks like ransomware and data breach.

Solving these vulnerabilities is easy, it just requires regular staff training for your employees. You can ask Tekkis for help in this regard, or do it yourself by researching the important things they must know regarding proper safeguards and habits.

One thing to remember is that staff training in cybersecurity is not a one-time thing. Since attacks themselves evolve regularly, it is important to have regular training sessions for the staff.

Priority #4: Regular IT Audits

IT audits are helpful in learning what is going on in your company. Most CISOs and other executives trust the IT providers to handle the network security. However, IT providers follow security protocols that are decades old and offer no real protection in this day and age.

With regular IT audits, you get to know where your IT provider is lacking and where your internal protocols are lacking.

Get an IT Audit

Priority #5: Audit logs

Keeping audit logs of everything is something that all learned professionals would suggest. In fact, the Cybersecurity Executive Order 2021 also puts special emphasis on this area.

Audit logs protect a company not only from external threats but also from internal threats as well. In many cases of successful cyberattacks, internal parties are involved in giving the attackers access to a company’s network. With proper audit logs in place, it is very easy to locate the cause of an attack and find out the parties responsible.


Cybersecurity is never a finished job. It is an ongoing process that requires constant diligence and vigil. Even the slightest negligence can cause companies significant losses, as is evident from the evergoing news about businesses paying millions of dollars to ransomware attackers.

If you are a business executive concerned about the vulnerability of your organization, it is high time to give Tekkis a call.

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