Remote Support & Monitoring

Remote Operations

remote tech

We staff full-time technical support for our clients.

With TEKKIS you will have access to our personalized professional team who will professionally work on your IT issues. Our team uses the latest tools to remotely control your desktops and servers for the highest level of efficiency and technical support.

Our comprehensive Managed Service Plan (MSP) will provide the following remote services:

  • End-user Help Desk
  • Remote Monitoring
  • Remote Management
  • Malware Remediation
  • Patch Management
  • Server Maintenance
  • Backup Service/li>
  • Workstation Updates
  • Ticketing System
  • Remote Control PCs

Patch & Update Management

Included in your Managed Service Plan; TEKKIS has invested in best of class industry tools that allow us to proactively monitor and manage the tedious process of patching numerous systems to ensure they have the latest patches/ updates, including Microsoft Operating Systems and Microsoft Office application security patches.

Vendor Software

Included in your Managed Service Plan; We understand that your busy office doesn’t have time to spend hours on the phone with your vendor troubleshooting an issue. Here at TEKKIS we provide our expert support and will work with your vendors as part of our everyday standard service. Vendor support includes:

  • Over -the- phone and remote access
  • Installation guidance
  • Configuration and troubleshooting

Multi-level Software or Database upgrades may be considered a project and subject to an additional fee, based on the time and complexity of the upgrade.