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Assess Cyber Disruptions to Strengthen
Enterprise Security


Your IT infrastructure and organization's security posture are always at risk on all levels. The massive exposure to cyber threats has necessitated hiring experts to mitigate risks and respond to cyber war attempts. Tekkis specializes in the internal auditing of your business environment.

You're not alone if you already have an internal audit team but find it challenging to navigate the technical jargon of IT discussions. IT professionals often use complex terminology, confusing audit teams primarily educated in financial rather than computer science. Tekkis Internal consultants are here to bridge this gap, ensuring that your internal audit team, mainly those overseeing audits, stays informed and avoids potential pitfalls.

Tekkis has established an effective process for seamless internal cyber security audits focusing on recent and high-risk threats to avoid a backlog of IT security issues.


Strengthen Enterprise Security with
Cybersecurity Assurance

Internal cyber security breaches necessitate internal auditing. Tekkis regularly evaluates your security policies and practices for improvement. We review and understand our client's requirements for cyber risk management. We consider the best practices applicable to all industry types for an effective auditing of your organization.

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We employ our best experts to carry out internal auditing

  • Align audit findings with your industry goals for targeted improvements
  • Potential risk identification beyond compliance to enhance resilience
  • Utilize audit insights to reduce inefficiencies and streamline processes
  • Address the gaps highlighted in audits for maximum impact
  • Continuous monitoring for sustained improvements

At Tekkis, we integrate technology solutions to set benchmarks and help businesses gain a competitive advantage. With us, your organizational internal auditing is in professional hands. The associated and diverse cyber threats or risks are assessed with a unified approach, and obstacles are tackled. We ensure the needed controls are in place.


Why and How Are Tekkis Internal Audit
Services Different?

  • Informed decision-making with an integrated risk-based approach
  • Independent review of security measures and performances
  • Quick and effortless assurance of controls
  • Clear view of vulnerabilities and opportunities
  • Tech-oriented audit professionals
  • Evaluations based on a complete cybersecurity framework
  • Focus on the areas of the highest risk

Internal auditing helps examine the unauthorized excesses to business valuable information by safeguarding the most targeted assets and clarifying the financial impact of breaches. Vulnerability auditing is the best way to learn about your cyber security risks. Tekkis educates the entire team, from management to onboarding, on the risks associated with data protection legislation and regulations.

Whether it's about detecting lapses or preventing threats, contact Tekkis for frequent assistance with Internal Auditing. No-One Approach Fits All. Therefore, Tekkis develops tailor-made strategies and strives for excellence.


If you recognize the need for Internal Auditing on Consulting for your Internal Audit team, Tekkis would gladly assist you

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