How to Protect From a Ransomware Attack?


Ransomware Protection for Businesses [2022 Updated]

Ransomware attacks have been harassing US businesses for the better part of the last two years.

Not only have they caused huge losses for countless businesses, but they have also even led to entire businesses shutting down in many cases. ‘How to protect my business from ransomware?’ is a question many business executives wonder about every day.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss many ransomware protection tips for small to medium businesses. Fortunately, none of these will require drastic, high-budget requirements such as hiring an in-house team.

Ransomware Protection Steps for Businesses

Here are the steps that you should take one by one to fortify your network’s defenses against any potential ransomware attacks. Most of these steps will also protect you from many other cyberattacks.

Anti-Ransomware Security Suite

First things first, you need a proper anti-ransomware software setup that can block any potential attack.

No, it is not about just installing an antivirus and thinking it is all safe. Antivirus solutions barely do the job of protecting your business IT setup from viruses, let alone ransomware.

For ransomware protection, you need to use a combination of different solutions that can do the job for you. Each software does a dedicated job. For instance, firewalls guard your input and output data packets, and intrusion detection services check for any possible breaches.

How to Setup Anti-Ransomware Software

Large companies have in-house cybersecurity professionals that can deploy and monitor cybersecurity solutions for them. While these in-house teams offer a great deal of IT security, maintaining these teams is a huge expense.

Fortunately, you can enjoy the privileges of dedicated cybersecurity services without an in-house team. Tekkis Cybersecurity is your solution provider in this regard. Tekkis Cybersecurity deploys customized security solutions that fit your business needs perfectly. You don’t have to pay for the unnecessary add-on services that generic security software imposes on you.

Windows 10 Ransomware Protection

Windows 10 is the most common operating system used by businesses globally. However, any Windows operating system does not come fully secure right out of the first boot.

In fact, it is common knowledge that most cyberattacks occur on Windows operating systems.

Many modifications and fixes are needed to make sure your Windows operating system cannot be breached. These include things like disabling Remote Desktop, controlling Local AppData, filtering executable files, and some other things.

To know how to secure your Windows 10 from ransomware and cyber attacks, you can check our article about Windows 10 ransomware protection.

Employee Training

Regardless of how high-end security solutions you use, it won’t do you any good unless the people operating your IT are knowledgeable.

Most ransomware attacks penetrate an organization’s network defenses because the attackers gain access to the authorization credentials. These credentials are taken from a company’s employees through methods such as phishing.

Therefore, educating your employees about healthy cybersecurity practices can take you a long way towards optimum cybersecurity protection.

Software Patches

It is vital to always keep your software solutions updated to the most recent version. It is common to see exploits of even the most popular software surfacing now and then.

While most exploits remain a secret, some of them catch the eye of hackers. Therefore, hackers end up using these exploits to gain inside access to the businesses that use these solutions. Software vendors resort to these problems by offering fixes to these exploits with regular updates.

Therefore, always make sure that your systems are always updated, whether it is your operating system version or your software version.

Access Controls

Implementing proper access controls can not only guard your systems from ransomware but can also alleviate many other security concerns.

When setting access controls, follow the principle of least privilege. Only allow as much access to a user as is required for them to complete their job.

The main advantage of adequate access control measures is that you can prevent unwanted eyes from viewing any data that is not meant for them. Additionally, they cannot infiltrate your system to plant ransomware if they do not have the access level for it.

You can either talk to Tekkis for guidance on how to set up access controls, or you can ask Tekkis to do the job for you. Either way, one of Tekkis’s top-rated cybersecurity professionals can guide you and discuss your concerns in a video consultation.

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Ransomware Detection Strategy

Implementing protective measures is a must, but that is not all that you require. You also need to make sure that if, by any chance, an infection infiltrates your networks, how will you detect it.

In this regard, you will need Tekkis’s ransomware detection strategy in place. A part of this strategy is deploying Tekkis's Intrusion Prevention System- the thing that will detect any breaches and warn you about them promptly.

Why is Ransomware Protection Important?

It might surprise you to know that most businesses in the US have zero protection against ransomware attacks. This is because they are following the security protocols that were created decades earlier.

As such, attackers understand that these businesses are like sitting ducks. With the simplest attacks, attackers can keep the business data hostage and demand ransom money.

The worst part is that once a business is a victim of a cyberattack, almost all of them end up paying the ransom thinking it is the only way. Of course, some things can be done to recover from a ransomware attack without paying a ransom.

However, prevention is better than cure, especially when we are talking about the prevention of ransomware.


Ransomware protection measures are no longer something you do for added convenience. Ransomware attacks have become frequent, so delaying an anti-ransomware protocol for your business is not a good idea.

By following the tips mentioned in this article, you will be able to fortify your defenses in no time. If you are a busy professional who does not have time to cater to business requirements, you can get in touch with Tekkis.

Rest assured, once you become an Tekkis client, we always have your back! Ransomware will be far away from your systems. Even if any try to sneak by, our ransomware response is going to destroy it right away.

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