GoDaddy Customers - Hacked


GoDaddy Customers - Hacked

In February 2023, GoDaddy's domain hosting firm admitted that hackers successfully hacked GoDaddy's hosting servers and infected them with malware that "redirected random customer websites to malicious sites".

This domain hack was just the latest in a number of cyber hacks that GoDaddy has endured in the last couple of years.

GoDaddy Repeatedly Hacked

  • March of 2020: A hacker stole the credentials of 28,000 GoDaddy customers.
  • November of 2021: An unauthorized third party used a compromised password to access production code for their Managed WordPress, impacting 1.2 million customers.
  • December of 2022: GoDaddy fell victim to "a multi-year campaign by a sophisticated threat actor group that, among other things, installed malware on our systems and obtained pieces of code related to some services within GoDaddy”.
  • February 16, 2023: Hosting Server hack in the same class as the November hack.

The question on this bloggers mind is simply ... Why?

GoDaddy revenues over $1 billion a year, so WHY? is this company not investing money in a cybersecurity plan to protect it'self and all of it's customers.

Maybe more importantly, I should be asking, WHY? in the world would any customer stay with a company that clearly chooses not to protect themselves and the businesses they host.

The bottom line is ... You don't have to accept that you are going to be hacked, because it is simply not true. Hacker's go after weak and easy pray. If GoDaddy invested in TEKKIS, they wouldn't get hacked! That's right I said it!

As Muhammad Yahya Patel, Security Engineer at Check Point Software noted: “It’s evident that organisations are still struggling to implement sufficient cyber hygiene protocols to prevent cyberattacks. This may impact how comfortable their customers feel interacting with the company, especially as the repercussions are likely to be ongoing and that should be a lesson to other organisations. It only takes one breach to unpick years of built up trust and this can have a real impact on a business’s reputation in the long term. However, there are ways to minimise the threat posed by these risks to adequately defend against cyber threats".

Tekkis has already built a strong reputation as a reliable cyber security service company in the Denver area. If your finding yourself a victim of a GoDaddy Hack, Tekkis can help. Inquire today!

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