Endpoint Security vs. Network Security- Which One to Choose for Business?


Endpoint Security vs. Network Security

Cybersecurity risks are increasing every day, as is evident from the daily news we hear about another big business taking a hit on their cyber infrastructure.

However, even with the growing risks, the one good thing to cheer about is that cybersecurity standards are improving too. While a few years ago people were unaware of how to protect their system (besides installing antivirus software), now every vigilant business executive realizes the importance of healthy cybersecurity practices.

One of the major queries that people ask is- what is the difference between endpoint security and network security?

In this article, you will learn all about IT network security, endpoint security, and which one is important to protect your business. We will also answer any questions about the security of the devices in your workplace.

Without any further ado, let us dive into the topic right away:

What is Endpoint Security: Key Points

Endpoint security is the practice of securing the devices in a computer environment (such as your office). These devices could be computers (desktops and laptops), smartphones, tablets, and even internet-connected printers.

What is an Endpoint?

Endpoints are physical devices connected to a network. Security services like an antivirus solution or biometric security are installed on these end points.

Endpoints are directly connected to the internal network of a business. Therefore, these endpoints are used by hackers to execute malicious codes, which can harm the business if the endpoint security is weak.

Importance of Endpoint Security

Every environment has multiple end points, and many are left neglected from a security point of view. For a hacker who wants to steal your business data, these neglected endpoints are an open doorway.

The work-from-home scenario has even added to the problems for cybersecurity coverage. Work from home employees can tap into a company’s network from anywhere, which makes it important to increase endpoint security levels for devices even outside the geographical boundaries of the business.

There is also the human factor to consider since all endpoint devices are operated by people. Most people who are unaware of proper cybersecurity practices leave their devices in a weakened security state, making it easy for hackers to access your company data.

What is Network Security: Key Points

IT network security is a concept that most businesses implement at step one if they are wise enough to care about their organization and user data.

Network security aims to protect the entire network of an organization from external threats. This protection is made possible through services such as firewalls and access controls.

Importance of Network Security

Network security is so vital that many people confuse the term network security with cybersecurity itself.

Most of the news you hear about hackers accessing a business database happens due to poor network security. From improperly configured software to using weak passwords, even little vulnerabilities in your network can lead to a loss that your business cannot afford.

Which to Choose- Endpoint Security or Network Security?

When it comes to deciding which security solution to choose between endpoint security and network security, the right answer is- to use both.

Both- network security and endpoint security are so vital that you cannot risk going easy on either. While you think that it is a costly affair to handle both, the real numbers are so low that they might surprise you.

For instance, you can get an insight into your current endpoint security and networking security for free, with Tekkis free consultation service.

How to Secure Endpoints for Business Networks

To secure your network endpoints, the first step to do is to schedule a consultation with the experts available at Tekkis Cybersecurity. You can get a call back from Tekkis by filling out this short form.

Once you have completed your consultation with Tekkis, the team of experts will prepare a comprehensive list of the current status of your network. You can choose to use Tekkis to fix the issues present on the list, or you can fix those issues yourself!


Deciding between endpoint security and network security often confuses most business executives. After reading the information provided here, it will be quite understandable that neither network security nor endpoint security is something you can compromise.

Therefore, you should take both of these parameters hand in hand when creating a cybersecurity plan for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to some of the common concerns that people have regarding endpoint security and network security:

Q: Do I require cybersecurity trainings to improve my network security?

No, there is no need for cyber security trainers. You can improve your network security by using top-notch cybersecurity agencies like Tekkis Cybersecurity.

Q: What are endpoints?

Endpoints are all the devices that users access connected to a network, such as phones, desktops, laptops, and even printers.

Q: What are the security protocols for safe business cyberinfrastructure?

For a safe business IT network, it is important to do an initial cybersecurity setup, along with regular security audits. Tekkis free consultation service is a good place to start the initial setup.

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