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In response to the legal requests, eDiscovery is the backbone of the legal proceedings and investigations. It involves retrieval and presentation of data that is stored electronically. The driver of this dynamic process is cutting-edge tools and techniques such as Artificial Intelligence, Data Processing Platforms, Email archiving Systems, and Text Analytics.


Role and Significance of Tekkis eDiscovery Services

In the various legal contexts, including civil litigation, regulatory compliance, and internal investigations, our eDiscovery serves as a pivotal component. We have expertise and resources that ease identifying, retrieving, and delivering relevant electronic data. The information holding evidentiary value in legal cases is collected, reviewed, and managed. Governing the eDiscovery process, the legal teams adhere to the established regulations such as the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure and the Electronic Discovery Reference Model. This ensures the integrity and admissibility of electronic evidence in court proceedings.


Tekkis eDiscovery Process Involves
the Following Stages.



Tools and methodologies are employed to collect, process and review the identified data, ensuring its relevance and privilege status.



Our eDiscovery process begins with identifying relevant electronic information that may serve as evidence.



Once reviewed and validated, the electronic evidence is formatted for presentation in court or delivered to the requesting party.


Why Choose Tekkis’s eDiscovery Services?

  • Faster Analysis and Comprehensive Investigation
  • Early Case Assessments.
  • Tailored eDiscovery Solutions to Meet Your Goals
  • Automatic File Deduplication
  • High-Level Security Protocols and Storage

Tekkis industry experts offer distinguished support via robust mechanisms and promise to deliver quality legal support.

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