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Disaster Recovery planning and strategies focus on responding to and recovering from disasters or events that
disrupt or completely stop a business from operating.


Today, disaster recovery planning is crucial for any business, especially those operating either partially or entirely in the cloud. Organizations with robust and well-tested disaster recovery strategies recover and regain access and functionality to their IT infrastructure following a catastrophe effortlessly.

  • Promptly restore critical business functions
  • Minimize the impact of disruptions
  • Achieve faster recovery times
  • Resume core operations rapidly when things go awry

If your business data is susceptible to risk, look no further than Tekkis Cybersecurity defense and data recovery services. We understand the critical importance of preventing digital infrastructure data breaches and cyber-attacks.

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Types of disasters can include:

  • Natural disasters (earthquakes, floods, tornados, hurricanes)
  • Pandemics and epidemics
  • Cyber attacks (malware, ransomware attacks)
  • Intentional, human insider threats (ex-employee sabotage)
  • Technological hazards (power outages)
  • Machine and hardware failure

Typically, disaster recovery involves securely replicating and backing up critical data and workloads to a remote data store location. A disaster recovery backup can be used to recover data from the most recent backup or a previous point in time to an entire ‘IT’ infrastructure.


An effective Disaster Recovery plan addresses three different elements


Make sure your systems are as secure and reliable as possible, using tools and techniques to prevent disasters from happening in the first place. This may include backing up critical data or continuously monitoring the environment for configuration errors and compliance violations.


These measures are intended to plan for possible disaster recovery scenarios, ensure that backup operations have reduced impact, and implement recovery procedures to quickly restore data and systems when the time comes.


To recover quickly, you need to know when to intervene. These metrics focus on detecting or detecting adverse events as they occur in real-time.

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