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Cybersecurity Solutions

Cybersecurity Services

Dodge Threats With Bulletproof Network Security🛡️Stop vulnerabilities before they become breaches.

Cybersecurity Services

Network Security Assessment

Find out the vulnerabilities in the wired and wireless networks in your organization. Stop unauthorized access to your network and monitor all data traffic.

network security assessment

Assessments For Better Insight

Tekkis cybersecurity services provide a real-time assessment of your defenses and recommendations to improve them.

cloud assessment

Cloud Assessment

Cloud apps present the added risk of being exploited remotely by attackers. Cloud assessment thoroughly checks the security protocol followed for storing and accessing cloud data.

website assessment

Website Assessment

Learn if your website is fully secure. Hackers can attack unprotected websites with attacks like SQL injection, DDoS, and phishing.

IT Audits

IT audits help you assess if your workflow is optimal and performing ideally. Find out bottlenecks, underperforming assets, and damaged areas that can be improved.

IT audits

Application Security Assessment

Find out if the applications you use can be a security threat in any way. Manage controls to limit the access of each application and user.

application security assessment

Secure Businesses Are Profitable Businesses

Exemplary cybersecurity implementation eliminates countless IT threats and financial losses. The investment in good cybersecurity is a fraction of the cyberattack financial losses.

Compliance Penalties

Negligence to cybersecurity protocols can violate several required business compliances in the US. The penalties for these can range from $50,000 to upward of $1.5 million.

Loss of Customers

Loss of customers can amount to the most significant loss for a business. Existing customers stop trusting businesses whose data get breached. Even new customers tend to stay away from these businesses.


Once the data is breached, organizations often have to pay hefty losses to recover the data. The data is often leaked publicly or left unrecovered even after the ransom is paid.

Downtime Losses

Businesses cannot operate as usual if their data or network are compromised. This leads to downtime that puts a significant dent in business finances.

Recovery Losses

After a cyberattack, a lot of time and resources are put into data recovery. The recovery losses can often exceed the ransoms paid during the attack.

Miscellaneous Losses

Many other losses can follow a cyberattack. For instance, losses due to lawsuits, reputation damage, redrafting of IT policies, etc.


Cybersecurity services by Tekkis are an all-inclusive solution for your organization. These services leave no area uncovered and no vulnerability undiscovered. Here are some of the reasons why you should choose Tekkis for cybersecurity:
Free Consultation

Tekkis offers a free consultation so we can understand your requirements and you can understand our working process.

Professional Team

We have a team of professionals with a wide range of certifications in cybersecurity. When it comes to cybersecurity, we know what we are doing.

US-Based Firm

The entire Tekkis team is based and operates in the US. We understand American businesses, IT infra, and compliances.

Tailored Solutions

Tekkis does not stick you with some standard software that easily get breached. We create customized solutions that meet your requirements.

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