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Smart businesses have been factoring in cybersecurity for their strategy and budget for a couple of decades now. However, in the last two years, it has factored higher in the priority list.

This is because, since the pandemic, the number of cyberattacks on businesses has increased significantly. There have been a lot of instances where cyberattacks have cost businesses a significant amount of financial loss and data loss.

Among businesses, small-sized businesses are the most prone to security risks. Small-sized businesses are low-hanging fruit for hackers due to their poor security setup. Additionally, these businesses also provide gateways into larger companies as well.

We have had an in-depth discussion on cybersecurity for small businesses already. We promised you there that we would talk about the best security software that can provide effective protection against cyberattacks.

Therefore, in this article, we will go through the five best security solutions that small to medium-sized businesses can utilize.

Best IT Security software for Businesses

Let us start our list of the best business cyber security software that are going to be the perfect fit for you. For your convenience, we have sorted our list starting from the best and moving down from there:

1. Tekkis

Tekkis, also known as ENGCS Cybersecurity Solutions, is the foremost IT security service for businesses. It provides tailored security solutions for small to medium-sized businesses in every aspect of cybersecurity.

When you get started with Tekkis, you get a free consultation with a cybersecurity consultant on their team. When talking about their team, we are looking at a global team of experts skilled at ethical hacking.

These people can get into the mindset of hackers and understand their skillset. Who is better to protect you from attacks? They are based in the US, so it is an added benefit for businesses based in the US who prefer a local cybersecurity service provider.

After the consultation, the security expert will guide you on what kind of solution would be ideal for your business. There are no obligations, and if you like to choose a different approach that doesn’t involve Tekkis, you can. There are no payment requirements at this point.

Get started with Tekkis

However, if you decide that the approach suggested is perfect for your business (which you probably will realize), you can go ahead and ask them to deploy their solutions.

They will do an in-depth analysis of your entire IT infrastructure, and provide you with a detailed report. All the actions that they take or recommend are accessible through a web-based dashboard, which looks something like this:

As you can see, it is a very transparent solution and you can see the real-time analysis of your network through this dashboard. This transparency is one of the best things that we like about Tekkis.

Things You Will Love

One of the things to love about Tekkis is that you get what you pay for. The solutions they provide are specially crafted for you. You don’t end up with fancy software tags that you can download from the internet in a couple of clicks from a provider that itself gets hacked often.

The responsiveness and one-on-one approach of the team is also something to consider. They provide a clear understanding of the current situation, requirements, and solutions even to someone with little to no technical knowledge.

The free consultation is a cherry on top of the cake. Without any commitments, you can get a view of what they will provide with this free demo.

Schedule a free consultation

2. Tekkis

When you are talking about cyber security for companies in the US, Tekkis is something you cannot ignore. It is the most popular cyber security company, with a specialization in medical small scale businesses such as clinics.

Tekkis is a HIPAA compliant agency that provides every type of security defense that clinics and hospitals require. Nowadays, protecting patients’ data is a primary concern for medical organizations.

Tekkis is the go-to choice when they want to address this concern with the latest security measures.

Things You Might Like

The first thing that will get your attention towards Tekkis is the highly-knowledgeable staff. Those people know what they are doing.

Especially when it comes to medical cybersecurity, there are many norms and standards to meet. Regardless of the size of the medical clinic or hospital, medical practices don’t have the time, knowledge, or management to run an internal cybersecurity team.

This is why Tekkis is their ideal choice that handles every facet of IT security internally. When it comes to the best cyber security service for businesses, it deserves a spot in the top contenders.

3. BitDefender GravityZone

Unlike Tekkis and Tekkis which provide an all-around IT defense, BitDefender GravityZone is a niche business cyber security tool. In particular, it is one of the best antivirus for businesses.

However, in recent years, the scope of cyber attacks has expanded significantly. Viruses are no longer the only concern.

Therefore, if you are sure that an antivirus solution is all you need, go ahead with BitDefender GravityZone. If you need a more expansive cybersecurity defense, we would still recommend going with the top choices mentioned here.

Find out your cybersecurity requirement

Things You Should Note

BitDefender GravityZone has a good virus definition and is constantly updating the database. However, the product is very standardized and not custom-made.

Therefore, in time, you might end up realizing that there are features you don’t need, and some of the features that you need are missing.

Keep in mind that regardless of whether you are using any particular feature or not, you end up paying for the entire software suite anyway.

4. Malwarebytes

Just as BitDefender GravityZone works as a business antivirus software, Malwarebytes offers protection against malware.

Malwarebytes is a popular name and offers wider protection as compared to BitDefender. In general, it claims to protect against much other malware besides viruses (which are a specific type of malware).

However, practically, it has been found that many times, Malwarebytes fails to locate the infection, let alone protect against it.

Things To Consider

When using Malwarebytes as a small business antivirus, it is not a standalone product. You cannot rely on Malwarebytes to handle your entire cybersecurity network. Malwarebytes is only intended to guard against malware on a single device, that too in a limited scope.

For proper protection, Malwarebytes is used in tandem with other security solutions to handle different vulnerabilities in a business network.

5. NordVPN

Many people think that using a VPN is to visit unauthorized sites, which is a feature not useful for business security. However, that is not the case.

Throughout the business network, users share information and credentials on networks that might not be secure. Attackers often exploit the information passed on these networks, tracing a company’s data and credentials.

With a VPN for business, it is possible to encrypt all the information that you pass along a network. NordVPN provides reliable and secure VPN solutions to businesses in this regard.

Things That Might Matter

While the other entries provide fortification against threats, NordVPN is a secure tool that provides safe passage for your data.

As such, this aspect is only a very minor part of cybersecurity. There are many more applications that you will need in conjunction with a VPN service.

Additionally, while NordVPN provides a VPN software solution, they do not offer any deployment help. Your team will have to spend precious man-hours deploying and setting up the VPN service by themselves.

What Factors Affect Our Ranking?

When deciding which cybersecurity tools would be ideal for your business, we factor in various parameters. These parameters are based on the primary concerns of most business owners, such as you.

To make sure that we included your concerns in our listing, let us walk you through the factors that we used to make our decision:


It might not seem like a big deal to some, but customization is one of the most important parameters when we talk about IT security for businesses.

When you are using a cybersecurity solution, the solution must adapt to your needs. This is what we call a tailor-made solution. It should fit your requirements exactly, and nothing short of that is acceptable.

At the same time, solutions that forcibly provide you with features that you don’t need are also favored less. In this case, you are spending money on something that isn’t your requirement.


Cyberattacks evolve every day, so your security solutions must evolve with it. Therefore, in our list of security tools for businesses, we have prioritized solutions that are updated frequently.

Updatability not only applies to using the latest features, but also to using the most recent databases to check for intrusions, viruses, and malware.

User Support:

In this day and age, good user support is the backbone of a good software suite. Nowhere is it more true than in the field of cybersecurity software. There are popular solutions that you can buy easily, but you will have to chase their devs for support when you need it.

You cannot run a business and monitor your IT solutions at the same time. Using a security solution with good tech support is going to ease your troubles a lot.


We understand that for most businesses, cybersecurity is not something to which they can allocate a major share of their operating budget. However, some of the big names in this field do not have the same understanding.

Therefore, we have also factored in the price model of cybersecurity solutions to rank them. It is important to know that while costly solutions are not ideal, free solutions are something you should not even try.

The security provided by free solutions is the same as their price- zero! Therefore, instead of ranking solutions in favor of cheap prices, we have used the ‘value for money’ factor. Don’t worry, you might find out that a solution in your budget can provide more value for money than costlier solutions (and definitely more than free solutions).


You wouldn’t want to spend a significant amount of resources and man-hours on a security solution only to realize that it can no longer support your growing business.

Your cybersecurity solution needs to expand with your business so you don’t waste time switching to a new one frequently. Therefore, scalability is something that we considered while ranking our solutions.

Cyber Security for Companies- Which Service To Choose?

When the question is about protecting the entire IT network of a company, we recommend choosing a cybersecurity agency and going ahead with their recommendations.

Many executives make the mistake of using ‘popular’ solutions instead of ‘required’ solutions that are suited for their organization. The result- their systems get compromised due to vulnerabilities outside the scope of protection of popular services.

With cybersecurity agencies like Tekkis and Tekkis, you get an expert’s opinion on your current cybersecurity status. Additionally, you get to know what steps you can take to fix these issues.

The best part is that this better option does not cost extra money. You end up saving quite a significant amount by using an Tekkis consultation, then with a combination of popular services like business antivirus software, firewalls, VPN, and more.

Even if you feel you would be better with a popular solution, you can try a free consultation anyway to get to know an expert’s opinion for your company.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are the answers to some common questions that business administrators ask pertaining to cybersecurity:

For my business, which is the best antivirus (free)?

Experts do not recommend using a free antivirus software for business. In fact, free antivirus solutions aren’t worth the risk they cause even for home users, let alone businesses.

Which software should I use for business computer security?

No single software is enough to protect your entire business network, given there are so many types of cyberattacks. It is better to use a cybersecurity agency like Tekkis and their tailored software suites.

How can I get ransomware protection?

Ransomware protection is included in the cybersecurity solutions provided by Tekkis. The experts at Tekkis are ransomware specialists that can even recover business from an average ransomware attack.

Do small businesses need cybersecurity in business?

Yes, small businesses are in dire need of proper cybersecurity software in business. In fact, the requirement of cybersecurity is far larger for small businesses, since large companies already have internal IT teams to handle cybersecurity.

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