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All You Need To Know About Multi-Layered Security

If you are owning a digitalized business, there are several cyber risks associated with it. It is the responsibility of the organization to protect the digital assets from cyberattacks. Apart from the financial risks, it is quite difficult to navigate through the reputational damages associated with cyberattacks. The best way is to have a robust cybersecurity program in place to prevent cyberattacks.

What is Multi-Layered Security?

Multi-layered security is one of the common approaches in network security in which several components are used for securing the ICT infrastructure. In this approach, there will be multiple unique network security layers with distinct purposes. Each layer focuses on protecting against specific types of threats. When put together, it strengthens the overall network security and reduces the risks of cyberattacks significantly.

The Three Elements of A Multi-Layered Security Solution

The concept behind a multi-layer security solution is to include multiple layers of protection which might overlap, but do not interfere with each other’s functions. The major three elements of a multi-layered security solution are:

  • Physical - It refers to the physical devices used to secure the data access points. Examples of physical elements include fingerprint scanners on laptops, employee access cars, CCTV cameras in server rooms, etc.
  • Administrative - It includes the policies and protocols for data protection. For example, organizations can provide cyber security training for employees, build an immediate response team in case of cyberattacks, etc.
  • Technical - This is the most important element of a robust multi-layered security solution. It includes both hardware and software solutions required for data protection. Examples are antivirus software, firewall installation, data backups, multi-factor authentication, etc.

Why Should Organizations Choose Multi-Layered Security Solutions?

By adopting a multilayer security strategy, you can prevent threats to the organization’s IT infrastructure significantly. It optimizes the existing security infrastructure and ensures efficient and robust protection. Listed below are other benefits of opting for a multi-layered security solution.

Enhanced Security

The obvious advantage of adopting a multi-layered security solution is its efficiency. When the security layers are individually used, they may not be efficient enough against security threats. In a multi-layered security strategy, multiple layers are put together which increases the overall efficiency. It ensures strong protection and makes it almost impossible for hackers to access data.

Early Detection of Attacks

Having a multi-layered security solution will help in detecting any potential threats before they occur or cause damage. The security features will be running in the background to eliminate any attempts of unauthorized data access.

Better Productivity

If the IT infrastructure stop working efficiently, it leads to low productivity. With a multi-layered strategy for protection, any cyberattack attempts through the system will be prevented on multiple levels. In other words, if one layer is not strong enough to prevent a specific threat, the other layers will stop it. Also, any email or message threats will be quarantined until authorized personnel verifies it. As a result, organizations can avoid unexpected downtimes due to security threats.

More Reliable

In a multi-layered security strategy, there is always a backup plan in case something goes wrong. It can improve preparedness for IT emergencies. Moreover, it ensures that maintenance, upgrades, and updates are done on time to avoid security risks.

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