5 Quick Tips To Choose The Right Penetration Testing Services Company


5 Quick Tips To Choose The Right Penetration Testing Services Company 

Cybersecurity attacks are not uncommon in today’s digital business environment. It has become more significant than ever before for businesses to ensure their data is secured. Having a proficient cybersecurity program to protect against cyber-attacks and data breaches in place is vital to businesses today. Security testing is an integral part of a good cybersecurity program. Let us understand what penetration testing is and how to choose the right penetration testing company.

What is Penetration Testing? 

Penetration testing refers to the simulated attack carried out in a system to evaluate its security. It makes use of various tools, techniques, and processes to detect the security vulnerabilities in a system. It is a part of ethical hacking which mimics the strategies that hackers might use, and thus evaluate the hackability of the system. It is a proactive security measure to protect the system to maximize the organization’s security.

Hiring a third-party penetration testing services company will help businesses explore security vulnerabilities and take necessary actions to prevent them. It is a cost-effective step in the long run as it exposes the security loopholes in a company’s network system.

How to Choose The Right Penetration Testing Services Company?

With hundreds of penetration testing companies in the market, it is not easy to choose a reliable service provider. Listed below are a few tips to keep in mind when you choose a penetration testing services company.

Know Your Requirement

Prior to searching for a reputed penetration testing services company, you should have clarity about your requirement. You might be looking for a testing website, mobile application, or internal network. The tools, processes, and expertise required for penetration testing differ according to the requirement.

When you know the scope of penetration testing, you can choose a service provider with expertise in the area. Moreover, there are different types of pentests, such as black-box tests, grey-box tests, white-box tests, etc. Once you know your requirement, you can choose the right penetrating testing company that suits your goals and budget.

Manual And Automated Testing 

Manual penetrating testing requires skilled personnel to test the vulnerability in a system. Automated testing uses software and digital tools to evaluate and mitigate risks. While some cybersecurity companies provide only automated testing, other companies provide both manual and automated testing services.

Generally, manual testing is considered a better approach as it allows one to carry out a customized assessment of the vulnerabilities. Automated testing can hardly be a substitute for manual testing done by a skilled professional. Therefore, make sure you work with a service provider has experts to perform manual testing along with automated testing processes.

Certifications And Reputation

With more companies turning to penetration testing services, it has become a difficult task to differentiate reliable ones from others. That is why you should consider the certifications and reputation that the testers have garnered so far. Various certifications assure the penetration tester has undergone practical training and continuous education for penetration testing efficiently. Make sure you work with testers who have required certifications apart from the popular Certified Ethical Hacker certification.

Experience And Expertise

A reputed penetration testing services company will continuously hone its ethical hacking skills to suit the advancements in technology. They will stay updated about the latest tools and techniques required for providing steadfast penetration testing services. They will display their technical expertise in various ways, such as blogging, presentations, tutorials, etc. Before hiring, you should ensure the company’s experience and expertise with regard to your scope of work. Also, you can ask for references and samples to check whether the company can work according to the specific context and testing environment.

Data Protection Measures

Many cybersecurity companies lack data security measures suitable to handle third-party sensitive data and has project management capabilities. The data protection and data security standards of the company you hire should be of a superior degree. Ensure that the penetration testing services provider has the best practices in place to handle sensitive data. Also, you can check whether they have liability insurance to protect your business from liability risks.

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