7 Reasons Why Network Security is Important


7 Reasons Why Network Security is Important

Network security can be defined as a set of preventive measures taken for protecting network systems from manipulation, corruption, unwanted invasion and other threats. With a combination of anti hack systems, network security integrates special software, hardware and configurations to protect against invasion.

Network information security is an important aspect to consider for every organization/business when exchanging data or information over the internet/LAN. Take a look at the top 7 reasons why you should consider network security as a top priority for your organization -

1. Protect Your System From Harmful Spyware

With the hybrid work culture gaining popularity and people working in different locations, doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re at a lesser risk from harmful spyware. Till the time your work is online, there is a need to protect your desktops or laptops to keep your assets secure.

Anti-virus or anti-malware software has been there for a long time, but not as advanced as it is at present times. Using the right network security systems saves your time and money, while keeping your business safe.

2. Protect Your Client Data

“ Reports state that the average annual cost of a data breach is £3.36mil. Plus, 32% of businesses need new measures to prevent a data breach.”

Businesses store data that isn’t theirs - it is basically client data. Hence, keeping that data safe becomes the responsibility of the concerned business. Moreover, for organizations in the medical and accounting industry, client data is very sensitive information. Keeping a data backup and at the same time ensuring that hackers do not get into the system is important.

As a business, one of the USPs you have should be how important network security is for your clients. If you’re looking for a good managed network security service in Boulder Colorado or Denver Colorado, Tekkis can be a good option to explore.

3. Help Employees Access Data From Anywhere

As mentioned earlier, a lot of companies are into hybrid or remote working, which means data has to be shared in a secure place. In such a case, network information security will be very important. Moreover, in every company there are various levels of access given to different employees because of which a secure network is required.

4. Prevent Cyber Attacks

With the advancement in technology, cyber attacks are also increasing at an alarming rate. The need to invest in better security is now imperative for all organizations. Say at present times, the 5G network is spreading. As the technology expands, so does the vulnerability. So in order to embrace the 5G network, you would also need new and strong security to support it. Moreover, new age technologies like machine learning and artificial intelligence can also help hackers, who no longer need to do things manually.

5. Understand Potential Threats

Having a secure firewall and high-grade security will help you understand your enemies who can threaten your safety. With the help of AI, network information security can protect against malware as well as offer protection against threats and hackers. For example, if your organization is in Boulder Colorado or Denver CO, and a hacker attempts to hack confidential business information, a network information security service in Boulder Colorado or Denver CO can help fight it. Apart from that, they can also provide details on how the attack was handled, to help prevent future threats.

6. Improve Network Performance

Having a good network system can not just secure the infrastructure, but also provide improved efficiency and better performance. A high quality network system will have quick support, redundant connection and good bandwidth.

You will have to use different types of security tools like antivirus, firewalls and penetration testing tools to improve your overall network performance.

7. Avoid Identity Threat

Did you know that without good network security, cybercriminals can easily steal a brand’s identity? They can infiltrate your system, and use your identity to indulge in fraudulent activities. It is important to establish good network security to prevent such a situation.

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