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Tekkis prepares your organization for real-world attacks by conducting simulated assessments. Expert attackers often infiltrate and remain undetected within enterprise networks, stealthily extracting valuable data. By collaborating with Tekkis's red team specialists, you can pinpoint security vulnerabilities and proactively address them before exploitation occurs.

We utilize threat-informed defense strategies to optimize your security investments, prioritizing critical areas for protection. Our teams perform comprehensive security posture testing, including red teaming exercises.

Through these simulations, our team assumes the role of adversaries, meticulously identifying and exploiting vulnerabilities while progressively increasing visibility.

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Red team testing provides invaluable insights into potential attack vectors

  • We assess the vulnerability of internal systems to external threats, leveraging open-source intelligence (OSINT) to gain unauthorized access or extract sensitive data.
  • We determine the extent of company information on the Dark Web and its potential impact.
  • We evaluate the effectiveness of physical security measures by attempting to breach access controls and gain unauthorized entry to sensitive areas.
  • We anticipate and prepare for ransomware attacks, examining both the susceptibility to such threats and the efficacy of response protocols.
  • We gauge employee susceptibility to social engineering tactics, such as phishing emails or fraudulent phone calls requesting sensitive information.
  • We scrutinize third-party vendor partnerships for potential vulnerabilities that may increase the organization's risk.
  • We assess cloud infrastructure security and identify potential weaknesses that attackers could exploit.

Get the Full Picture with Tekkis's Red Team Operations

Tekkis provides a comprehensive view of your business processes and technology. The report offers a complete assessment of your current IT security setup. The reports are comprised of detailed analysis of various aspects of your systems, focusing on identifying vulnerabilities, evaluating the effectiveness of security measures, and providing recommendations for improvement.

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Here, Tekkis red teams offer actionable guidance and best practices for addressing the identified vulnerabilities. Recommendations include


Implementing security patches.


Enhancing access controls


Conducting security awareness training.


Deploying additional security controls.

We've designed red teaming operations to evaluate your ability to detect and respond to simulated attack scenarios, revealing weaknesses in detection and response capabilities. The process involves assessing resilience against coordinated, multi-vector attacks to ensure robust defense measures.

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