Our Proactive approach

Being Proactive, Keeps Your Office Running Smoothly


Most groups work to clean up an issue after it has caused you inconvenience and frustration. Nickel and diming you along, ultimately increasing your support costs.

TEKKIS is different then other companies. Tekkis works proactively to PREVENT issues. We make every effort to keep your office secure, issue free and compliant. We work behind the scenes to prevent virus and spyware attacks; running updates and keeping your computers safe and compliant, illiminating most of the causes leading to office break downs and your headache.

Our Managed Service Plan works to address support issues though our onboarding process and our monthly management.

  • Off-site Remote Access For Quick Resolution Times
  • Virus and Spyware Attack Protection
  • Update Management
  • Multilayered Security to prevent Breaches
  • Reliable Backups to prepare for emergency
  • Providing Hardware to Elliminate Slow Outdated Equipment
  • Implementing 'IT' standards