Cyber Security

Cyber Security

Cybercrime and other cybersecurity risks to your business are more than technology threats – they are critical business dilemmas. Tekkis provides the experienced information security resources you need to assess corporate security and mitigate enterprise risk.

Many companies can’t find the right talent to secure and maintain strong networks. Many large companies have such vast networks that the in-house team is not big enough to keep up with the barrage of cybersecurity attacks that today’s mega-firms experience every day. Fortunately, independent cybersecurity professionals like Tekkis are there to help keep your networks, data, people and best ideas safe.


TEKKIS asks “why,” “how,” and “what-if” questions regarding your company’s cybersecurity position and provide a comprehensive analysis.

Security Consulting

We evaluate information security risk throughout your business and develop best practices for prevention and mitigation.

Penetration Testing

We assess the chance of attack, identify vulnerabiulities and find areas of greatest risk.

Information Security

Defend your business from information loss, theft, unauthorized access and disruption.

Risk Assessment

Identify areas of data loss or risk across your sustems, processes and physical property.

Our Skills

We keep our tools sharp!


Audit & Compliance
Risk Assessment
Penetration Testing
Breach Assessment
HIPAA | Meaningful Use | PCI
Wireless Security Testing
Network Testing
VoIP Testing
Backend Database Hacking
Reverse Engineering
Advanced Exploitation Testing
Mobile & BYOD Testing
Web Application Testing
Active Directory Testing & User Enumeration
Social Engineering
Social Media Discovery
Cyber Security
Malware Analysis
Server Operating System Testing | Windows | Mac | Unix | Linux