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Cyber Forensic Background

Expert Cyber Forensic Services

Digital Forensics can be the key to winning legal cases. Get professional consultation, expert testimony, eDiscovery forensics, and more with Tekkis.

Cyber Forensic Services

Multifaceted Cyber Forensics and Investigation

Tekkis provides various services covering every aspect of computer forensics.

Digital Forensics: Necessity of Every Legal Team

Tekkis Digital Forensics are an invaluable addition to every legal team in court proceedings. The benefits of these services can turn the tide in your favor

Maintaining Chain of Custody

Data forensics helps a legal team maintain the chain of custody provisions and preserve data integrity. Features like write protection ensure no alternations can be made to your evidence.

Add Credibility

Cyber forensics adds credibility to your case and the points you want to represent. This becomes especially true when you use the expert testimony of certified professionals.

Digital Traces

Every cyber activity leaves digital traces. Evaluating these traces can bring considerable new evidence to a court proceeding. Using forensics for digital traces is essential for both- the plaintiff and the defendant.

Obligation to Clients

Legal teams are obligated to represent their clients in the best possible way. Data forensics help in fulfilling that legal obligation. Every person and organization uses digital devices. Legal examinations cannot be complete without the analysis of such devices.

Secured Forensics With Tekkis

Using Cyber Forensics by Tekkis gives you a considerable advantage in any legal proceeding. Tekkis is way ahead of its competition, which puts you way ahead of your competition.

Certified Professionals

Tekkis team has all the necessary certifications in Cyber Forensics. This means you are working with a qualified team of professionals who know what they are doing.

US-based Consultancy

The entire Tekkis team and operations are based in the US. Tekkis understands all the federal and local guidelines to follow. Confidential information and communication never go overseas. Support is available at a moment’s notice.

Data Security

Tekkis adheres to all the data security norms and compliances. There are no risks of data leaks and no compliance violations.

Customized Cyber Forensics

Tekkis can provide customized services meeting your requirements. Every legal proceeding can have unique requirements and challenges. We create tailored solutions to provide precisely what you need.

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