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Cellular Triangulation

Add concrete evidence to criminal activities with cellular triangulation digital forensics services. Learn about phone location, Call Detail Records (CDR), and more.

Cellular Triangulation Services

Irrefutable Evidence With Cellular Triangulation

Cellular Triangulation can provide a cell phone's whereabouts even with GPS turned off. This can be the final missing link in the evidence you have.

Cellular Triangulation

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Information That Can Make a Case

Call Detail Records can provide a wide range of information to make a court case. This information includes:

Our Call Detail Records Include:

  • Caller Location
  • Receiver Location
  • Phone numbers
  • Timestamps
  • Call duration
  • Additional numbers dialed during a call

Tekkis- Expert Forensic Cellular Triangulation Service

Tekkis is the leading service provider for digital forensics and cellular triangulation.
Some of the reasons to choose Tekkis over the competition are:
Certified Professionals

Tekkis offers a free consultation so we can understand your requirements and you can understand our working process.

Tailored Solutions

Every case comes with its own particular requirements. Tekkis designs tailored solutions that can meet the exact services you require.

US-based Consultancy

Tekkis is a registered firm based entirely in the US. We understand the norms and regulations and the importance of data confidentiality.

Data Preservation

All the data analyzed and reported undergoes thorough data preservation. Eliminate any chance of data being altered.

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