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Blue Team Operations - Defending your organization against cyberattacks

Blue Team Ops

Blue Teams provide an essential function within organizational operations, fortifying the organization against potential external intrusion. This can be done through a number of technical measures, such as installing security solutions and configuring various settings, allowing organizations to respond efficiently to red team attacks. In addition to technological measures, blue teams are also responsible for monitoring physical and human activity, which can be just as vulnerable in some cases. It's vital for any successful enterprise to have these complementary red and blue team operations working in tandem.

Blue teams are well-equipped to identify malicious activities on both human and network levels. This is why blue teams should not operate in silos, but rather side by side with their red team counterparts whose mandate is to replicate attackers’ methods as realistically as possible. To further research these distinct strategies, we suggest reading our article on red-team vs blue-team testing.